Karen Romano met and fell in love with John Pascoe when she was eighteen. He was her first love and she thought they would last forever. But like so many first loves, they didn’t last forever, and Karen was devastated when it ended.

Martin Cosgrove, a country boy born in far western New South Wales, who moved to the city and became a highly paid executive working for the Australian Government, fell in love with Karen at their first meeting and courted her until she agreed to marry him. He turned out to be a devoted and loving husband. But as Karen discovered, Martin was also an extremely self-centred and often difficult man.

But fortunately— or not —there were other people in Karen’s life:  Lou, the dear friend; Glenda, the troubled wife; Jeff, Chris, and Paul, the enigmatic ‘extra men in her life’. People drawn together by fate, by friendship, and by the World Wide Web.

How will these disparate characters come together and interact with each other?

In a story of love, friendship, and betrayal, paths will cross, plans will be made; but on a dark and rainy night, fate will intervene – with tragic and devastating consequences which nobody saw coming, but which will ultimately change lives forever.

But is that the end of the story?

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