Reviews received on the book


Raynette, I loved your book - the storyline, the full-bodied characters, your descriptions of what it is like to do paintings, and the language and turn of phrase. I love, love, loved the surprise ending. It was a great read. An amazing first novel. 

Ann, W - Australia


I just loved this book ford so many reasons. The author got to the point, she didn’t draw the story out, and told the story likes she was talking to you. Perhaps husbands should read it. It kept me interested all the time. Great read Raynette.

Kaye, R - Australia



In And So It Goes by Raynette Mitchell, Karen Cosgrove was only 18 years old when love came into her life in the form of handsome and charming John Pascoe. Their relationship was not only passionate, but Karen believed it would last forever. However, within four years, Karen's life turned upside down when John suddenly disappeared. Now, forty years on, she reflects on her life and her 36-year marriage to the stable yet temperamental and cantankerous Martin. Karen feels her life lacks excitement since her son has left home and the couple has retired from bustling Sydney to picturesque Coffs Harbour. To ease the boredom, Karen joins a website to find friendship. Everything seems harmless until Paul responds and gives Karen the attention and love she longs for. Karen continues her double life even when she meets Paul's wife in an art workshop. Then a dramatic turn of events turns Karen's life upside down one night and she is forced to face her betrayal. Will she learn from past mistakes?

And So It Goes by Raynette Mitchell is a novel that draws you into the world of the characters immediately. What most impressed me about the novel was the detailed backstories to the characters, sometimes a whole chapter dedicated to one person. I enjoyed reading about the characters' life journeys and the events that shaped the person they had become. Lou was a lovely character and a great friend to Karen. The relationship between Karen and Paul was electric and passionate but sadly built on deceiving others. The plot had many great twists and turns and the climactic ending brought all the loose ends together seamlessly. I thought the storyline held a great life lesson throughout, to follow your heart, and never settle for the safe option. Karen had needs that were clearly not fulfilled, she longed for excitement, a life purpose, and to be appreciated. I thought Karen's reflection of the situation at the end of the story was a great addition and highlighted how people can become innocently entangled in infidelity. This is the perfect novel to escape with and any reader will relate to the characters and storyline.

L.J., United States



This story is one that will resonate with readers of all ages. It pulls on your heartstrings, inspires deep thoughts, and urges you sit back and evaluate the life you've been living. It's captivating and all consuming. A tale across time, with deep rooted emotion and hints of lust. The Author's writing will draw in you and hold you captive long past the final page. If you are on the fence, don't be. This read is sure to impress.

Blessed Bookworm, United States

I started this book one night at 7.30 and didn't stop reading until I finished it. It was such an easy read because it took you straight to the point of each situation instead of taking 5 pages to get to the same conclusion.

I loved the ending which was very unexpected.

Can't wait for your next book, Raynette.

A very enjoyable read. 


Sandra, R - Australia



And So It Goes by Raynette Mitchell is an interesting story, told rather differently from the average suspense novel; it has cliff-hanger after cliff-hanger! Ms Mitchell uses flashbacks that are so “real time” that the reader is introduced to the young Karen when she is in her fifties. Thoughts of John, her first love, are sad; passion didn’t last. They lead on to her first meeting with Martin Cosgrove, her “forever love” whom she marries after a whirlwind courtship. It progresses so breathtakingly fast that she takes him at face value – charming, wealthy, and ready to give her the world. She fails to see the controlling, self-centred, bore, and it is in her relationship with Martin that the seeds of rebellion are sown...
Karen Cosgrove reaches a point in her life where she is bored – bored – bored! Husband Martin expects a wife to behave like a wife. Their son grows up and leaves home – so, when she sees an advertisement, where is the harm in a few penfriends like she had as a kid? None – she fakes her profile – until one arrives in Australia and wants to meet up, and she later realises his wife is a member of the art class she attends. The wife has secrets of her own – Martin becomes unwittingly involved in the “web of deceit and lies”. Karen touches so many lives with passion, tragedy and leaves them in chaos – And So It Goes as Raynette Mitchell has titled, is a fascinating yarn. 

Sarah S, United States



Recently I had the privilege to read the debut novel "And So It Goes" by Raynette Mitchell.
I loved it and read it in one sitting.
The book centres around everyday people, their lives, love, and loss. It is a fast paced book and doesn't bore you with long drawn out waffle setting the scene. The research is meticulous and the storyline has a few twists you won't see coming.
I thoroughly recommend Raynette's book as a quick read and a great tempter of future books to come from Raynette.

Vanessa M, Australia